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On my new website I introduce myself and my ambitions.

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Name: Ashley Mason

Home town: Leicester
DOB: 17th septemeber 1992

Interests: Films, Cars, Football

wight: 75.90KG



My interest in golf started from a very young age, After meeting my dad off the course on sunday mornings and hitting a few balls on the range I decided to take this sport up as a hobby. I joined Glen gorse golf club at the age of 10 and have based my golf there ever since.


I have always been a very sporty, active, competitive person, and at this age I was also heavily into football. But after a few years at the age of 14 a decision had to be made when the sports that where hobbies became dreams and goals as to which sport I would take seriously and which I would take a back seat in. I chose golf, it was not an easy decision but one I am very glad I made, as golf is an individual sport which I really like as you control your own destiny, everything reflects yourself and a new challenge arrises every round.


It wasnt long after this I made my first appearances the Leicestershire & Rutland county boys teams, and at the age of 16 broke into the County mens sides, it was also at this age were I represented Endland Schools verses Welsh Schools. Having had a few successful seasons to this point I managed to get my handicap down to minus figures and had ejoyed some success.


However, my progress haulted for the next few seasons where I had lost confidence and struggled to play the golf I knew I was capable of. This is very common in golf and known as hitting the wall, I never gave in and the goals remained the same, At the age of 18 playing of a 1 handicap I signed up to the tournament golf college (TGC).


After joining the TGC in the september of 2011 I immediately believed in what I was being coached by Darren Gass (TGC headcoach) and began to see instant improvements in my game, my confidence came back and I started to play some golf I knew I was capable off. For the 6 months coaching I shot some good scores particularly in the Algarve winter tour (professional tour) events at our winter warmth weather training camp at Pestana resorts finishing 6th on the order of merit. My world ranking came down considerably across this period and i had a successful season finishing the year off -2. 

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